Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Medical Sciences


GENOCLUSTER: Software for predicting genes, protein functionality and virulence factors


Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Medical Sciences

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Healthcare industry

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CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB)

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Brief Description

Description :

Genocluster is a suite of high-end software application based on concepts, which are fundamental to comparative genomics. The tool is used for predicting genes, protein functionality, and virulence factors and works in tandem to provide a platform conducive to cutting edge research in the in-silico design of drug molecules and vaccines. The software package includes a number of stand-alone software tools namely Gene Dçfer, Proteome Calkulator and Seapath as well as PL-HoSTFA. Highly sophisticated artificial neural networks have been employed to identify genes/ non-genes/ virulence factors