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Waterfuture Conference - Towards a Sustainable Water Future

The conference focuses to address the current state of global water resource challenges, future pathways and scenarios, and different technological, institutional solutions to accelerate the implementation of water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda targets with an aim of 'leaving no one behind'. The conference aims for opening new frontiers in water system diagnostics and innovative solutions to mitigate the 21st-century global water crisis.

Event type: Conferences & Seminars

Target Group: Post-Graduation, PhD, Post-Doctoral, Faculty and Scientists

National/International: International

Area: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Contact details:

Focus:Sustainable water future

Venue:Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel, Bengaluru

Start date: 24-Sep-2019

End date: 27-Sep-2019