S&T Awards

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award (CDJTA)

CSIR instituted the CDJTA, to be given annually, in commemoration of its Diamond Jubilee from the year 2003. This award acknowledges the most outstanding technological innovation that has brought prestige to our nation. It is envisaged that it will become the hallmark for Indian technological excellence in the years to come. The award is given to a technology that is developed in the country by Indian innovators and meets the highest global standards. The award consists of a cash prize of Rs.10 Lakh, a citation and a shield. Technologies leading to commercially successful products, processes and services, which give India a sustainable competitive advantage, are considered for the award. Applications for the award are invited through a press advertisement as well as personal letters to leading industrial enterprises/organizations within the country. The selection of the winner is through a stringent two-tier process.

Target Group: Organisation/Company

Funding Organization: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Area: All Science Disciplines

International:(Country/ Brain Gain): National

Purpose: Awards